Amparo Diaz-Echazu

1. Where are you originally from?
Hello, my name is Amparo! Originally, I am from Chile, but I moved to Canada in 2020 but feel like a citizen of the world! 

2. Which company do you fly with, your base and for how long?
I started my career in Aviation as a Flight attendant in 2016 back in South America with LATAM Airlines, but later following my heart I move to Canada and got my dream job with Voyageur Aviation Corp.

3. Who or what inspired you initially to become a Flight Attendant?
My grandfather was a pilot and my mother a Flight attendant herself, plus the idea of being a free spirit and travelling the world motivated me to be a flight attendant.

4. What was one of your most unique experiences so far? Example, a flight, a layover, a country, time off travel with your benefits?
In 2018 on my time off I headed to Spain. That Was my first solo trip so I decided to stay in a hostel. Over there I met a Canadian Airplane Mechanic, who ended up being the love of my life. With a passion for aviation and travelling, in 2020 we went to Las Vegas and got married! We have been in more then 10 countries together and Today we are working for the same company and we always look forward to more and more adventures.

5. What is it about your current company and position that works well for you? Example day turns, multi day pairings, rotational work, domestic airlines, international airlines, etc.
I work for Voyageur Airways and am currently based in Central African Republic (CAR) we are here on contract and serving the UN through this country. We typically fly 5-6 days a week but the days are fairly short. I work for 8 weeks and then have 8 weeks off which allows for a lot of time off and travel time! My company has many bases in Africa and Middle east, and I am really excited to see other contracts! 

6. What tips or tricks you have learned to help with your lifestyle?
I think taking health and rest seriously as well as keeping in touch with my family and friends when I am over seas!