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Chances are, you joined this daring career to see more of the world, create adventures or the schedule simply fits your lifestyle. Here at FAC we want to highlight and share our passion through personal testimonials and see what other Flight Attendants get to experience day to day. From Jumbo Jet Airliners to remote outpost bases, from the perfect pairing to maybe things you wish you had known when you took on your career, we want to learn what gives you inspiration and drives you.

We plan to share and highlight your stories. If interested, we will send you a simple questionnaire but feel free to improvise and go for it! Each month an individual will be selected, and their story and photos shared enabling others to follow you and see your next adventure. Through your stories and photos, we hope to inspire each other and ignite passion throughout our community!
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Emma Kiameso

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Kenneth Lezada

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Amparo Diaz-Echazu

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