Mission statement

Flight Attendant Canada was started in 2015. As our industry grows and changes, in step with aviation’s requirements and developments, FAC is dedicated to providing an up to date, 24 hour accurate resource hub for job opportunities and career growth. Inclusivity and diversity, along with personal and community support are at the heart of the FAC’s unique focus.

We understand the challenges a Flight Attendant faces. We understand the sacrifices this industry calls for and we provide a safe place to discuss and explore those challenges and encourage and support those who are involved in this career.

Whether you have had years of in-flight service or are brand new to this exciting career, FAC is the only one-stop shop for Flight Attendants seeking professional employment, experienced knowledge and support and the latest aviation news.


Our Facebook and social media will continue to be an excellent source for community, connection and support . FAC continues to grow from this many thousand strong community. From now on FAC flightattendantcanada.com will be the sole source for current job postings and work opportunities. Check us out at ‘Contact Us’ with any questions and comments.

Marie-Philippe Bergeron

Founder and CEO

FAC is led by Marie- Phillppe Bergeron who brings 10+ years of experience in the industry, with thousands of hours of flying from the Arctic to Africa in charter work and the airlines. Marie- Philippe is a great source of professional advice and current knowledge which continues to prove invaluable to fellow flight attendants wanting to learn, grow and take on new challenges.

Matthew Price

Managing Director

Matthew has a strong understanding of the Aviation world. From a small Cessna in northern Canada to now a wide body Boeing doing international contracts. He is passionate about helping and bringing people together, his creativity and innovation are directly in line with the FAC vision. As the managing director, Matthew is managing and implements business strategies. He will establish company goals and objectives and develop FAC.