Canadian North

Flight Attendant

Edmonton, AB - Yellowknife, NT - Iqaluit, NU - Ottawa, ON - Calgary, AB


Must be able to perform, but not be limited to, the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for safety related cabin duties;
  • Responsible for ensuring all policies and regulatory requirements are met and followed;
  • Responsible to maintain personal qualifications, as dictated by Transport Canada regulations or any other applicable agency;
  • Must maintain a high standard of customer service;
  • Must have and maintain superior attendance and reliability standards;
  • Must be able to attend all Company initiated training including Initial Flight Attendant training which may require being away from home for up to four (4) weeks;
  • Must be able to travel frequently and be away from for extended periods of time;
  • Other duties as assigned.



Include, but not limited to, the following minimum skills and qualifications:

  • Must possess a minimum Grade 12 education;
  • Bilingual English/Inuktut or English/French considered an asset;
  • Inuktitut speaking candidates will be given preference;
  • Must have excellent health and must be able to pass a Company physical examination;
  • Must have solid leadership capabilities;
  • Must have strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Must be able to perform well under stress and in emergency situations;
  • Must have experience in the customer service industry;
  • Must be adept at managing multiple priorities and must be able to meet deadlines;
  • Must be comfortable using various technology independently;
  • Must be able to travel extensively, and be away from home for extended periods of time;
  • Must possess a valid and current Canadian Passport and/or be permitted to travel to various destinations;
  • Must have successfully completed or be enrolled in the online training program CT 301 at the Inflight Institute, within the last year.(;
  • Ability to obtain and retain an Airport Restricted Area Identity Card in accordance with the Airport Restricted Area Access Clearance Program regulated by Transport Canada.

Closing date: December 1st 2023